Remember the time we (tried) to make A chicken nugget?


Chicken Nuggets should be the easiest thing to make on this planet right? Ha! tell that to my 13 year old self. Today if I wanted to make nuggets I would simply get my cookie sheet out and my Pam to spray so it would not get stuck and place the chicken nuggets evenly onto the sheet and bake them in the oven.

Me and my cousin were at her house and she is a year and a half younger than me, so we were home alone on a weekend and were hungry so we looked into the freezer and determined we shall eat Nuggets. We came to the conclusion that the only way to make these things without placing them in the nuker was to FRY them. Why oh why? Well we got the oil, and placed it on the pan.

We waited until the oil got hot and we placed 1 chicken nugget on this pan and waited until it cooked. Okay, that nugget came out ok. We placed another one, and we could not understand why this one started to burn quickly, and it started to catch on fire.

We had not yet taken Chemistry so we had no clue what happened next. Can anyone take a guess what happends to hot oil and water?

Yeah the fire got worse. we were so scared, we had no clue what to do so we placed the pan back on the HOT surface and when it didnt get better, I contimplated going outside to the hall way and breaking the fire alarm, My cousin told me No because she would get into trouble. Well I saw a neighbor and screamed to her to help me out and she came in and threw the pan on the floor.

Why did she have to do that was our thoughts.

We tried so hard to rub the soot all the walls by the oven but it didnt work. My aunt came home and was mad beyond belief. She made us get outside we said we were hungry and she did not care.

We did however find a way to get a pizza from Little Ceasars, We found a box of “adult magazines” by the dumpster, so we said we knew exactly who would want this so we took it over to our friend and told him well sell it to him for 10 bucks. So atleast we got pizza, and ONE chicken nugget.


My First Concert Ever!


The first concert I have ever attended was when I went to go see JayZ and Mary J Blige in Miami for their Heart of the City Tour in 2008.

Heart of the city tour

I was 17, when I was at work & I got the phone call from my cousin telling me he had 2 tickets and if I wanted them. Of course I said Yes! I have never been to any concert. So I asked my sister if she wanted to come with me, and she did. So I left work to go pick her up. I got my camera and went. First of all if you have never been in downtown miami well its not a fun scenario when you have to be somewhere, and considering this was the first time i drive down there it was scary. Its not really a good neighborhood to get lost in let me just say that.

When I got the venue, it said no flash photography, and remember this was my first concert, so I was like dam ok i cant take my camera. I didnt realize this meant PROFESSIONAL cameras, not 100 dollar ones. DUH! So at my first concert I got absolutely no pictures. We had great seats though. We sat in the Bacardi suite which meant cushioned seats. You may be wondering why I just didnt use my phone to take pictures, well my phone at the time was a Sidekick ID in spongebob yellow. This phone had no camera.

Sidekick Id back view

Sidekick ID

I can tell you that the opening act was The Dream singing his song Falsetto before anyone even knew who this guy was. It literally looked like the dancers were having sex on stage. I was a little embarrassed for my sister being there because she was only 13.

Here is a picture I found online of something that was going on with the Dream’s performance.
The Dream dancers at the concert

It was worse than this picture I just couldnt find a better one.

Then Mary J Blige Came out and boy did she rock the stage. When Jay Z came out the crowd went crazy. He had Kanye West come out no one knew this was going to happen which was cool.

Kanye West

For my first concert this was great.