Best Dressed? Worst Dressed? How about Best Dressed for everyone



Okay, so me and my boyfriend are constantly having this discussion, only thing is were always on the same side which is great. What I’m talking about is; have you ever noticed after any awards show, or any celebrity event the “Fashion Police” come out and announce best and worst dress.

I mean ok I have no problem announcing you who perceive as best dressed, but REALLY you seriously need to bring people down rather than building them up by saying you were dressed horrible that night.


I can bet you anything that not one of those women left their house, apartment, studio whatever thinking damn i look like shit but its ok I’m going to the Emmys like this anyways, or im going to the golden globes.


No! they did not they thought wow I look beautiful, I love what I am wearing, I hope everyone loves it as well. I seriously dispise how our culture today feels the need to have to judge every single detail on each others lives, its bad enough im sure they have their own insecurities without you now saying they looked horrible.


I for one knows how this feels because a few years ago I was working at this company and we had just had our Company Christmas party, and when we got back to work since it was only about 15 of us, our boss decided since she had about 5 giftcards she would give them out when we vote on categories. There were best dressed, best dancer, life of the party, and worst dressed. I voted for all these categories except the last one, I just placed on my card “no one”. Well the winner of the gift card for worst dressed was ME. I felt horrible. I put a fake smile on my face and laughed but  I went home crying, because I could not believe my own friends who I knew for so long did this. I never took the gift card i gave it to someone else. I wore a Forever 21 version of the Marilyn Monroe red dress she wore that is like a classic, I was 17 years old, and I thought I looked great. Until Worst dressed came out that is. This is why I would never say someone looks horrible. We need to build people up not tear them down