My love letter. Never written down until now.

My dearest dream,


This letter is never meant to get to you, but if it should ever get to you here goes. I have never written down these feelings on anything for fear of the wrong person reading it and not the correct person. The day I met you I actually could not stand you. We got to know each other, unfortunately we knew our time would soon expire as this was just a week vacation and you lived in VA and I in Miami.


We spent every day together, and here we are 9 years later and we still talk to each other as though we lived down the street from one another. You now moved even farther away up the east coast and even though we have both moved on with our lifes we catch eachother thinking of the “what if”images (1)


What if I had moved up and lived with you when I was 19?


What if some how we would have made this work out?


What if I see you down the street one day? What would you do if we are both old and catch up and meet one day, would we feel the same?


There is so many what ifs, my heart is in two I love and adore my other half who I am with right now, and I feel like im split between you and him.


Also what ever happened to no matter what we would get invited to each others weddings, Im just kidding I knew that was a no go. But with all of this I still dont know what I feel for you and I wish sometimes you were just an A hole and let my heart go, but your too nice to do that so you still have it under all your other things.




in my dreams