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If you could live in any OTHER time, when would it be and why?- If I can choose any time period to live in I would choose the 1950s. I dont know why but this period of time along with the style and the some kind spunk, many teenagers had I loved. It was like people were trying to break out of their shell, when I think of that time period all i think of not just GREASE but also Happy Days. Regardless of the fact people were constantly scared of the Russians and their scares. 



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If your were given a yacht today, what would you name it?- The Hang over, because I would constantly be partying on it and have a hang over. 


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Tell how you are feeling today in a form of a weather report. – Today I am feeling partly cloudy, with a chance of rain, I am feeling partly lethargic so some rain is projected in the afternoon, later maybe some sun may shine if I go to the gym. 


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List at least two things in Nature you find most beautiful.- Orchids, and a beautiful scenery