Best Dressed? Worst Dressed? How about Best Dressed for everyone

Best Dressed? Worst Dressed? How about Best Dressed for everyone.


Best Dressed? Worst Dressed? How about Best Dressed for everyone



Okay, so me and my boyfriend are constantly having this discussion, only thing is were always on the same side which is great. What I’m talking about is; have you ever noticed after any awards show, or any celebrity event the “Fashion Police” come out and announce best and worst dress.

I mean ok I have no problem announcing you who perceive as best dressed, but REALLY you seriously need to bring people down rather than building them up by saying you were dressed horrible that night.


I can bet you anything that not one of those women left their house, apartment, studio whatever thinking damn i look like shit but its ok I’m going to the Emmys like this anyways, or im going to the golden globes.


No! they did not they thought wow I look beautiful, I love what I am wearing, I hope everyone loves it as well. I seriously dispise how our culture today feels the need to have to judge every single detail on each others lives, its bad enough im sure they have their own insecurities without you now saying they looked horrible.


I for one knows how this feels because a few years ago I was working at this company and we had just had our Company Christmas party, and when we got back to work since it was only about 15 of us, our boss decided since she had about 5 giftcards she would give them out when we vote on categories. There were best dressed, best dancer, life of the party, and worst dressed. I voted for all these categories except the last one, I just placed on my card “no one”. Well the winner of the gift card for worst dressed was ME. I felt horrible. I put a fake smile on my face and laughed but  I went home crying, because I could not believe my own friends who I knew for so long did this. I never took the gift card i gave it to someone else. I wore a Forever 21 version of the Marilyn Monroe red dress she wore that is like a classic, I was 17 years old, and I thought I looked great. Until Worst dressed came out that is. This is why I would never say someone looks horrible. We need to build people up not tear them down

My love letter. Never written down until now.

My dearest dream,


This letter is never meant to get to you, but if it should ever get to you here goes. I have never written down these feelings on anything for fear of the wrong person reading it and not the correct person. The day I met you I actually could not stand you. We got to know each other, unfortunately we knew our time would soon expire as this was just a week vacation and you lived in VA and I in Miami.


We spent every day together, and here we are 9 years later and we still talk to each other as though we lived down the street from one another. You now moved even farther away up the east coast and even though we have both moved on with our lifes we catch eachother thinking of the “what if”images (1)


What if I had moved up and lived with you when I was 19?


What if some how we would have made this work out?


What if I see you down the street one day? What would you do if we are both old and catch up and meet one day, would we feel the same?


There is so many what ifs, my heart is in two I love and adore my other half who I am with right now, and I feel like im split between you and him.


Also what ever happened to no matter what we would get invited to each others weddings, Im just kidding I knew that was a no go. But with all of this I still dont know what I feel for you and I wish sometimes you were just an A hole and let my heart go, but your too nice to do that so you still have it under all your other things.




in my dreams

Share Your World

If you could live in any OTHER time, when would it be and why?- If I can choose any time period to live in I would choose the 1950s. I dont know why but this period of time along with the style and the some kind spunk, many teenagers had I loved. It was like people were trying to break out of their shell, when I think of that time period all i think of not just GREASE but also Happy Days. Regardless of the fact people were constantly scared of the Russians and their scares. 



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If your were given a yacht today, what would you name it?- The Hang over, because I would constantly be partying on it and have a hang over. 


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Tell how you are feeling today in a form of a weather report. – Today I am feeling partly cloudy, with a chance of rain, I am feeling partly lethargic so some rain is projected in the afternoon, later maybe some sun may shine if I go to the gym. 


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List at least two things in Nature you find most beautiful.- Orchids, and a beautiful scenery






Remember the time we (tried) to make A chicken nugget?


Chicken Nuggets should be the easiest thing to make on this planet right? Ha! tell that to my 13 year old self. Today if I wanted to make nuggets I would simply get my cookie sheet out and my Pam to spray so it would not get stuck and place the chicken nuggets evenly onto the sheet and bake them in the oven.

Me and my cousin were at her house and she is a year and a half younger than me, so we were home alone on a weekend and were hungry so we looked into the freezer and determined we shall eat Nuggets. We came to the conclusion that the only way to make these things without placing them in the nuker was to FRY them. Why oh why? Well we got the oil, and placed it on the pan.

We waited until the oil got hot and we placed 1 chicken nugget on this pan and waited until it cooked. Okay, that nugget came out ok. We placed another one, and we could not understand why this one started to burn quickly, and it started to catch on fire.

We had not yet taken Chemistry so we had no clue what happened next. Can anyone take a guess what happends to hot oil and water?

Yeah the fire got worse. we were so scared, we had no clue what to do so we placed the pan back on the HOT surface and when it didnt get better, I contimplated going outside to the hall way and breaking the fire alarm, My cousin told me No because she would get into trouble. Well I saw a neighbor and screamed to her to help me out and she came in and threw the pan on the floor.

Why did she have to do that was our thoughts.

We tried so hard to rub the soot all the walls by the oven but it didnt work. My aunt came home and was mad beyond belief. She made us get outside we said we were hungry and she did not care.

We did however find a way to get a pizza from Little Ceasars, We found a box of “adult magazines” by the dumpster, so we said we knew exactly who would want this so we took it over to our friend and told him well sell it to him for 10 bucks. So atleast we got pizza, and ONE chicken nugget.


It was September of 2005, she just turned 15 and was going on a week long vacation with her family on a cruise. This girl was not at all an ugly girl, she just never really had a relationship and thought her self as ok. She was not the kind of girl that ever got the attention from guys.


When she went on her cruise she was shy and thought she would basically be around her parents the entire time, that is until she met friends on the ship. She met some people they were unfortunately younger than her. There was one kid who insisted on dancing with her but very annoying, the entire group was trying to get away from him, and one guy actually stood up to her and said she was being a (female dog) for being so mean to this kid.


She could not believe this guy had the nerve to say that to her. It did interest her though.


They started hanging out and started going out, at least going out while on the ship. The problem with this scenario is that she was from Miami, and he was from Virginia. She was 15 and he was 17. According to him he said had she been any younger he could not pursue her.


This “relationship” was very innocent. The most they ever did was makeout, some heavy petting, and touching on her thigh and middle breasts. That was it. He respected her age and the fact she was a virgin.


The week was perfect, they spent all the time they could together, he would give her massages, and stay up late with her while on the cruise. The last day of the cruise was horrible, they promised each other to try and stay together even though they were going to be thousand of miles apart. She was heart broken. Her cousin thought she was crazy to even think this would even work out.


They stayed connected for about 2 more weeks after they left the ship, then one day it clicked to her that it just would not work out and they needed to move on with their lives. The only good thing is that they did stay in contact.


She was now about 19 years old and he was about 22 they were constantly talking and he offered to have me move in with him. Mind you he lived in Virginia, and she still lived in Miami. She was seriously considering moving up there, and looking at schools, and she even spoke to her mom about it. The conversation never was brought up again so that reality never happened.


Now it is about 4 years later, and they still kept in contact with each other, he has the same girlfriend for a few years, and she has a boyfriend who she loves as well. But she found out that he got married, and they still talk but it really hurts because he is still the kind hearted sweet person she never stopped talking to, and what matters is that she is still friends with him, but she cant seem to shake the feelings of the what if and why she feels soo conflicted regarding this guy. She is worried if she were to ever see him what feelings she had, because they never broke up on bad terms, they were forced to break up due to location. What do you suggest or advise for them? Why would she feel this way still after 9 years.